My Garden

My backyard is mostly concrete, with a hole in the middle where an above ground pool used to sit and a narrow border along the back. Over the last six years we’ve done a lot of work, turning an overgrown, forgotten space into an urban edible garden. We boxed out the gaping hole with concrete and built raised beds with sub-irrigation watering systems. We started composting kitchen scraps inside in a worm bin and garden waste outside in a pile. We’ve been building up the soil with compost and  layers of leaves from our neighbor’s giant chestnut tree. In our kitchen garden we grow fruits, vegetables, and herbs, almost enough to get us through the growing season. By now the perennial flowers and bulbs we’ve planted are well established, although some areas still need some filling in. I dream of a garden where something is always blooming. It’s a wonderfully continuous work in progress.

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4 thoughts on “My Garden

  1. Your garden sounds lovely + I am trying to do the same here in zone 5, USA. It is amazing what you can create in just a few years:-) I am still working on mine, but one day I hope it will get to the point where everything has a cycle, and I just create meals around the seasons:-)I look forward to reading more about your edible urban garden. I especially want to try some new recipes and it looks like you have a bunch for people like me:-) I need new ideas!!!!

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