Salad Greens

I got a late start this year, but a variety of salad greens are coming along and soon we’ll be having our first big salad from the garden. I direct sowed a few varieties of lettuce, some new and some saved from last year.

Lettuce seedlings

Last year I let much of my lettuce go to seed and this spring some seedlings have popped up where I wasn’t expecting them. This is why lettuce is such a great beginner’s crop. The quality of home-grown is so much better than what you find at the grocery store, and it’s so easy to save the seeds. It’s practically free.

Curly lettuce is poppoing up everywhere

I also have red mustard, arugula, and radish growing, along with carrot seedlings that need thinning. I’m a lazy gardener, so I sow all of these thickly and enjoy the plants at every stage of growth as I thin them, from sprouts to seeds. I’m really looking forward to the harvest.


Arugula seedlings
Lots of mustard

Mustard seedlings


One thought on “Salad Greens

  1. I have found mine to reseed too:-) You are so right lettuce is a great beginner crop:-) Fresh lettuce from the garden is so much better than the store-so true!:-)

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