Black Tom

This tomato is gorgeous.

This tomato

I saved the seeds from some purple tomatoes that we bought at the Kingston Farmers’ Market last fall. Unsure of the variety, we named it Black Tom.

This tomato 1

Black Tom 1

Black Tom 3

Black Tom

I enjoyed the first few to ripen tonight sautéed with olive oil, garlic, tuna, spaghetti, basil, and parsley.

10 thoughts on “Black Tom

  1. I grew some of these purple tomatoes this summer + I was confused by the red /purple color. Is that when they are ripe? I grew them for the anthocyanins. I did not like them fresh from the gardeh, but I will try to cook with them like you did:-) They were very prolific, but not fresh from the garden for snacking. I stlll like my black cherry best for snacking. Did you like them fresh?

    1. So pretty! It has been fun watching them grow and change colors. I have found them to be rather tart, which I enjoy. Cooked, the flavor is not too distinctive, to be honest. Is this ‘indigo rose’? I’ve seen mixed reviews on the flavor, ranging from bland to smokey.

      1. me too. I did not taste any smokey in it which I do with the black tomatoes. I found it very bland, but I really don’t know when it is ripe. I grew all the ones this year from Wild Boar Farm and they were just okay. The plants were the most healthy tomato plant in the garden + filled with lots of tomatoes, but just not to my liking. Darn:-( I guess I was looking for an amazing flavor, but it was not there but it could of been a bad year for tomatoes. I have heard a lot of people complaining locally that their tomatoes were just “blah” this year and not the flavor they were use to, so it could be the weather contributing. The only great tasting ones I had this year were Black Cherry( star of cherries-lol), Orange Banana, Fargo + Moskvich. My Black tomatoes were just a little off this year which is odd for them since they usually are amazing! Made a lot of soup for winter with tomatoes so all good:-)

      2. I think I have been picking them a little early, which may account for the tartness. And yes, this is a vigorous plant. It withstood being transplanted too early and held out for a long time despite spider mites that have gotten out of hand this year.

      3. so when do you think they should be eaten? At the red/orange stage? I will give them a try + I was thinking of using them in some soup:-)

      4. I will try them today at that stage:-)
        Oh I made some with this recipe

        I did not have any carrots so I left it out. You can use celery leaf if you don’ t have celery…yum! Really good. I think it is the butter-lol, but I am not an expert cook, so I can just say the people I served it to liked it a lot:-) I like simple things + this was simple.

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